Playing for Smitty’s

The Smitty’s Terminators Organization hosts teams within four age categories of AAA softball; U13, U15, U17 and U19.

We welcome a discussion with you about our programming. Click here to for contact information.  We recruit coaches who are committed to strengthening their skills and knowledge thorough the wealth of sport and coaching knowledge, experience and resources throughout our organization and networks.  This combined with our Organization’s national and international reputation and winning tradition are excellent reasons to consider playing for Smitty’s.

Karen Doell first joined Smitty’s in 1983. A member of three Canadian Senior Championship teams, a veteran of Pan-Am Games and World Championship teams, and the co-captain and cleanup hitter for the 1996 Canadian Olympic team, Karen’s recollections of her Smitty’s experience go right to the heart of what Smitty’s strives for.

“Being part of Smitty’s gave me some of my best gifts. A chance to play with athletes who were like-minded, talented, intense and focussed. To play through the whole scale of emotions … laughter, tears, injury, fatigue, frustration and joy. I learned what the true meaning of TEAM was … never giving up, always believing in your teammates’ ability, doing what you had to do for the team despite yourself, thinking positively, always knowing what it took to win. We had that ability. It was a group of people who played as one.” – Karen Doell

Believe in Yourselves, Work Hard, Play as a Unit and Have Fun!