Be a Fan

Women’s fast pitch softball is a great spectator sport.

Combining power, speed, agility and teamwork, the game of past pitch softball invariably surprises new fans with its intensity and skill level. Smitty’s Terminators, (together with the other "A" level fast pitch organizations) represent the top level of competition in Manitoba, and as such, you, as a fan are watching some of the best athletes in Manitoba.

The fast pitch season begins in late April and goes until into mid August. In addition to the 300+ games in the Manitoba Ladies Super Softball League schedule (most of them on weekday evenings), there are numerous weekend tournaments throughout the season that frequently attract top teams from Saskatchewan, Alberta and the northern U.S. states.

Finding a Smitty’s game is easy!

Check out our teams above to access game schedules. Alternatively, feel free to contact anyone in the organization if you would like more information.